Sunday, March 2, 2008

Conspicious Consumption

Ladies with Arpel penciled eyebrows and husky voices
wrapped in fox and tailored Chanel suits with cameos
and Gucci scarves,
matching Hermes Italian leather bags and shoes,
furtive flashes of gold
proclaiming the look of Connecticut Country clubs
and summer cottages on the Vineyard
with regatta luncheons punctuated
with peonies and Gibsons.

Gentlemen in grey flannel Botany suits
under tan London Fog trenches
walking on Bostonian wingtip brogues .
Slicked lush hair bracketed in grey
crisp white Brooks Brothers starched shirts;
with an attending aura of English Leather
radiating important business titles befitting
expense account steak lunches
after Tanqueray and Schweppes

Stepping smartly from white
Lincoln Continentals with red leather seats
or sedate navy Buick Roadmasters reeking of chrome
into a flurry of coddling uniformed agents
and muted lyrical loudspeaker pages
Whisked into airport Ambassador Club for
a Phillip Morris cigarette
and perhaps a coffee with Baileys

A low lidded glance
with quick flourish of the New York Times,
Town and Country, or Vogue magazines.
Seated in modern leather sofas with mustard boucle chairs
amongst philodendron planters against walnut walls appliqued with golden logos.
While the ceiling wafts forth Miles Davis,
Percy Faith, or Montovani.

Awaiting a call
For TWA flight 5
Super Constellation service
direct from Idlewild to Bombay

Important people, Important things, and Important places to go
In an era heralding rebirth of Conspicuous consumption
bringing glamour to a post war starved population
wanton to spend and impress with purchased facades

Signs of a time
and a total wonderment
to a 12 year old boy

- Jerry Wendt


Lou said...

Your post on the times affecting a 12 year old prompted my post above, a reflection I wrote many years ago.

Knowing you, I can see how the things we remember from childhood affect our adulthood. Or perhaps we remember the things from childhood that support our image of ourselves as adults.


Jerry said...

Yes, the building is but bricks of earlier times. A wonderful nostalgia, your post!