Thursday, March 6, 2008


Just an entry

to some

for me it's one of those things on my "bucket list".

It's SXSW time!

Wonder what the pic is about?

I'm about to get "blown away".

In my little world of rock n' roll, there were four regrets. #1 is never learning to play the electic guitar

#2 is never having seen Janis

#3 ditto for the "60's, 70's Rolling Stones

and lastly, SXSW

next week, approximately 1650 indie bands from around the world will play in Austin, TX. Last year there were over 1500 and Tom Petty showed to do a free concert - but he and the pros are an aside.

The feature is the indie hard working, committed musicians who will showcase their art to 1100 producers. The music comes from everywhere - Denmark and Australia and China and Buenos Aries and Lisbon, etc.

It's rock and roll and country and rap and grunge and alternative and pop and R&B and hip-hop and they're all looking to be the next CCR or 50 cent.

I'm leaving Tuesday for four days of rock.

I'll let you know.


Carolyn said...

AWESOME! You're my hero!

Jerry said...

This is what smelling the flowers is all about