Friday, May 16, 2008


The outside always tries to change the inside.
More often with caress than spear.
With age we build a fortress to keep it out.
But a fortress is also a cage
that keeps us in.
And the color of life fades
Like a leaf in its time
Purpose to diversion
Passion to comfort
and we think we already know "who done it"
and the "who" is I.
Inside out.
And at the top of a far away hill a fat lady sings
"Life is messy when you live it right."
Can you hear her
over the wind
-jerry wendt

1 comment:

bobK said...

Once again the trait "courage" is apropos because you've broken free of the cage and are willing to confront "I".
it's good to know who you are and you've displayed several pathways