Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Rungless ladder


I am climbing a rungless ladder.
Knowing not how to gauge the stride up
or down.
I can see well
to the left and right,
but it’s hard to see the ground
because I am in the way,
and the sky is clouded
so I do not know how far there is to go yet.
Only that I am between up
and down.
And I have not yet
completed the journey.
But, I am able to pause
and look around
and enjoy the
The beauty beheld gives reason
for the climb.
-Jerry Wendt 2008


bobK said...

What makes it special is not only pausing to add that vibrant piece to your life but the courage to take that "rungless" step and, of course, the ability to recognize that it's time to pause.BK

Lou said...

It takes courage to make that climb without getting dizzy.